Thursday, May 26, 2011

IDTV 2011 Show#3 Available On YT Now!

If you haven't noticed yet, our IDTV Show#3 has been already uploaded on our YT channel. I also created an playlist for it so you can watch right here.

The show will also be aired tonight at 6:30 on Cable Channel 75, and again at 10:00 pm on Cable Channel 27.

Please friend us on FB: (If you haven't yet)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IDTV 2011 - Time To Say Goodbye

I mentioned that I was not feeling good at the first few weeks of the class, that was true. I really had a difficult time to get along and work with the team. When I was assigned a first project for the show, (Best Of SF) I felt excited but I also think that was killing me. Why did I say that? First, it was a project involved with only two people - my co-producer and myself, we didn't have any field team, and we didn't even have a field video camera, (both my co-producer and I couldn't check out field video cameras since we were not in field video production class) all those issues had already caused me a headache. Misfortunes never come singly, on the day when my co-producer and I went out to shoot, maybe it was too windy that day, I caught a bad cold. From that time until the filming of Show#1, I was really sick, and I coughed in middle of the nights. Every time when I woke up because I was coughing at night, I asked myself why I had to do that. I really wanted to quit at that time, but something has pushed me not to give up, I just bit the bullet and continue my project.

The outcome of the first "Best Of SF" was pretty good, that was the thing I felt really pleased. Now I get out from the class with three individual projects that I involved with producing role, and as one of the producers for the season finale, this is way better than I first expected. Looking back, I think all my hard work really worth.

Today was the day that the whole IDTV team gathering together one last time before we broke up, we watched the whole Show#3 together while we also had our party. We ate, we drank, we really had a good time today. I mean this was my last time we saw each other, everything at the moment has become piece of memory.

Now, it is really the time to have my final thought right here. It's been my pleasure to write and keep you guys updated with the blog, but it is also my last blog post for the IDTV Show. I certainly learned a lot from each of you guys by working together in different ways, I really appreciate all your efforts. Thank you - Thank you very much.

One last thing, I really want to see someone in the future IDTV classes would also write and keep up a show blog, and I hope my efforts could also be continued.

I wish you guys will remember me because I will never forget you guys, before I leave, may I present one of my favorite songs to you... Click on the link please, it is a great song!

Good luck and wish you all the best.

IDTV 2011 - Last Day Of Class + Party - Pictures & Videos

That was our unforgettable party...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IDTV 2011 - My Reflection Part 2

Last night I received Misha's comment regarding this blog, and I'm really appreciate that he gave me such positive feedback. Here is something I want to say - it's not easy to create something that I have in my mind, it's even hard to keep something up and running. As the saying goes, it is difficult to start a business, it is even more difficult to keep business running. Another thing I want say is everything I did right here was voluntary, and this is really important - when you do something voluntarily, you have that passion, then you always want to work on it and keep on the good work. That's why I always say that you can't do something with good quality if you are forced to do it, and more than that,  you never have that satisfaction.

All right, let me continue with my thoughts on IDTV. As some of you know, this is my second year in a row taking this class, and I still remember just before the Winter break I told Misha I wanted to join IDTV again this year. The reason I take this class again is I want to work in the new HD studio, another reason is I want to gain more experience, especially my producing. However, when the semester began, there were so many things that I had never expected. On the first day of the class, I felt really strange even though I took classes there before; another thing is when I worked with the class first time, I felt that it was really hard for me to get along with them, they seem didn't like me and we really had difficulty to have understanding from each other. At that time, I didn't have any good feeling with the class, I really wanted to quit. Something happened just in time for the filming of Show#1 even made me felt down, let me tell you here tomorrow if you want to know it.

Tomorrow is the last IDTV class meeting and we're going to have a end of semester party. We should have fun and hope you guys can really enjoy the party tomorrow!

Monday, May 23, 2011

IDTV 2011 - My Reflections Part 1

It is pretty ironic... This has been named as an "official blog" for the show, and when you scroll down to the CCSF BEMA's official homepage, this blog is described as "written by BEMA advanced TV students". The "student" is me, and I wrote everything from day one... I think I should say it proudly that I created the blog, I developed it, and I keep people engaged! 

Speaking of the creation of this blog, my original idea was to try some new approaches promoting IDTV, one of the best way I thought was to open a blog, (most of the hit TV shows nowadays also have blogs) telling you guys what was going on with the crew, where were we up to, and of course, sharing something that you can never see on the show itself - I'm talking about those behind the scenes. I still remember on the first few posts of the blog I said every student in the IDTV class are welcome to post something, this is not my personal blog, this is a blog for all of us. However, maybe I'm the one who has nothing to do, no one has posted anything. It was disappointing for sure, but I can't force anyone to do this because everything is voluntary.

Even though there is no other students write on this blog, I'm still glad to see that there is a number of people who often check this blog, many of them have given me quite positive feedback. No doubt about it, that is my greatest motivation to continue writing this blog. Another thing that I feel really excited is the total viewers of this blog has reached over 500 as of yesterday, I created this blog in early February, and we have got more than 500 viewers in just three months, this is a big accomplishment!

Sometimes I really can't distinguish if this is my personal blog or this is my professional blog. I have stopped writing on my personal blog since I created and worked on this blog. Maybe I always like to reflect some of my personal feelings and emotions right here, sometimes it becomes my personal blog.

I think this might be too long for you guys to read, so I have to stop here for today, let's continue tomorrow...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playlist - IDTV 2011 Show#3 Behind The Scenes

This is the last behind the scenes of this season's IDTV, hope all these videos could give you the best memories! You guys are the best!

Friday, May 20, 2011

IDTV 2011 - The Last Day Of Productions

This is it! The day has finally arrived! Today was the last filming day for the IDTV 2011 season finale, which means after today, there will be no more productions, and the IDTV team has completed all the tough and easy tasks, mission accomplished! Nevertheless we still have to work on the post-production of the show before we really say goodbye, and this will take at least 2 or 3 days.

On next Wednesday morning, all of us will meet one last time and watch our masterpiece with all of our efforts.

Now, just enjoy some great behind the scenes pictures!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

IDTV 2011 Season Finale - First Day Filming

It's never easy to have something achieved from very beginning to the very end, but we are heading toward the successful milestone. Today, we were filming the first part of the IDTV season finale, which means we almost finish everything for the show of this year! To me, it is pretty emotional because I'll no longer the blogger for this show, but on the other hand, I have great satisfaction because I completed my mission as the blogger. Speaking of today's filming, we have filmed an interview segment, another interview segment with a local actor and the performance, we also recorded the intro part of the show. Most of the show elements have been done today, and we were doing pretty good on each piece. I know we had some issues at certain points, but each of us managed them nicely.

On Friday, we'll continue our filming of the season finale and I believe we can make it to the end!

Now, please enjoy the pictures that we took this morning during the production.

Monday, May 9, 2011

IDTV Show#3 - Budget Cut Talk - Post Your Questions For Our Guest

The State budget cut has greatly impacted higher education institutes. CCSF has no exception, indeed we suffer more than many people think.

On our upcoming IDTV Show#3, we'll talk to Mr. John Rizzo, the President of Board of Trustees here at CCSF on budget cut issues and the effects.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding state budget cut? Are you worry that budget cut would prevent you from taking classes you need? What about the potential enrollment fee increase? Now you have an opportunity to ask Mr. Rizzo because we're inviting you to submit your questions, here's how you can do:

1) Go to our Youtube channel,, scroll down to "Channel Comments", click "add comment", then post your questions.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post, there is a "post a comment" area, you can post your questions right there.

3) If you are our Facebook friend, , you can post your questions on our Facebook wall.

We will pick two best questions from the list to ask Mr. Rizzo during the interview, and we wish you can take part in.

You can submit questions from now until midnight 5/16, so you will have about one week to do that.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

IDTV 2011 Show#2 Playlist

Watch IDTV Show#2 part by part, there is another taste of watching.

IDTV Show# 2 ALL

Here it is! The IDTV 2011 Show#2 is now available to watch on YT! Trust me, it is really really amazing!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

IDTV Show#2 - On Air Soon

After two days of hard work, the post-production of IDTV Show#2 is now mostly done. Although some pieces need to fix a little bit, the overall quality of Show#2 is really awesome. We also have a volunteer working on audio sweetening of the show to make sure the sound quality is good.

Speaking of Show#2, we watched the entire show in class this morning, I can say the show that we made this time is the best so far. When it compares to Show#1, I see there are lots of improvements. The hosts were doing great, both Stephy's and Rudy's performance were really funny. I know it's not my first time saying this, Stephy is really cute! She looks cute and her voice is cute, coupled with her accented English, I think she is cutest person that I ever seen! "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" I'm going to make a ringtone for that! Also I should mention the funny performance of the hosts was scripted by our show producer. He really did a great job on the entire show, from pre-production to post-production, everything he did was awesome. The attitude of the entire crew is much better this time, much better than Show#1.

All right, when could you see Show#2 on air? Actually Show#2 will be on SF Cable Channel 75, Sunday May 8, at 3:00 p.m., after that, the show will be on air at these scheduled times:

Monday, May 9 at 9:00 p.m. on Cable Channel 27
Tuesday, May 10 at 11:00 p.m. on Cable Channel 27
Sunday, May 15 at 3:00 p.m. on Cable Channel 75
Monday, May 16 at 9:00 p.m. on Cable Channel 27
Tuesday, May 17 at 11:00 p.m. on Cable Channel 27

The show will be available on YT as well.

Everything is great, we should keep the great attitude to end of this semester!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IDTV 2011 Show#2 Behind The Scenes

IDTV Show #2 Production - First Day

Yeah! Here we are! We made it to show 2! On this first day of the IDTV Show 2 production, we have our awesome hosts Rudy and Stephy back to the studio; we also taped two interviews. The standup comedy of Paolo was really entertaining, I think I was watching Jerry Seinfeld or Dayo Wong. :D Stephy is so cute!!!

Overall, we did a very very awesome job today, let's keep that attitude for Friday's shoot!

We have photographed and filmed couple behind the scenes for today's production, and we'll upload them on YT and FB very soon.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Digital Video Effects Showcase

Although they're not really stunning masterpieces, I still want to show some of my BCST 146 Digital Video Effects classwork. Some of them are for our IDTV show this season, some of them are my assigned projects for that class. If you're not in that class now, you should take it next year, it's definitely a great class. You'll learn a lot about creating digital effects and motion graphics, and more importantly you'll get the most of the After Effects concepts. I think it is really beneficial to take both advanced studio class along with the digital effects class.

Motion graphics design + video production + editing = really good combination of skills.

Our show#2 of this season's IDTV will be recorded on April 27 & 29, but many of our show pieces are now under productions... And, we're ready to roll!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Digital Video Effects Experience and IDTV

I mainly focused on creating the IDTV show bumper these days besides my assignments for both my 146 and 148 classes. Some thoughts are popping out from my mind...

It's quite good experience to create some motion graphics and animations that could be shown on TV, but meanwhile it really took me a lot of time --- I spent almost one full day for making just one show bumper design. With my own perspective, creating motion graphics and editing videos are two different things. When editing video, you should keep an eye on certain things like eye trace and screen continuity; but when it comes to motion graphics design, the sky is the limit. You can have thousands and thousands different designs, the key is how it will look like on TV. Does it look good on TV with this design? If not, try with another design. That one doesn't work? Try another. Just keep trying different designs until you find one that really looks good. Experiment is very important when working on such video effects and motion graphics, and your designs could be ever-changing.

Speaking of IDTV, we are now heading to the preproduction for Show#2, but some of the pieces are already under productions. We'll also be creating a brand new show opener for this season, more than that, we'll have a segment talking about green sustainable business here in CCSF, sustainable food systems and much much more. Our entire show#2 will be rehearsed on April 27 and live-to-tape recording on April 29, with your hosts Steffanie Tjong and Rudy Solis. The show#2 should be on air first week of May, but the exact air date / time is still to be announced.

We're in the midway of the IDTV 2011 season, and we are confident that we can do more great shows!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

IDTV 2011 Show#1 Now Availble On Youtube!

If you haven't noticed yet, our first IDTV show of the 2011 season has been uploaded on our Youtube channel. You can watch it right away by loading the player above or visit our YT channel:

Enjoy and have a great spring break everyone!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some Thoughts About IDTV

We have worked hard for the past few weeks in order to have our first IDTV show this season produced, thank god we did it and the show was on SF cable channel 75 this Thursday. Now the whole IDTV team is taking a precious Spring Break and the show#2 preproductions will be kicked-off right after the break. I believe some producers have already had some good ideas to pitch for show#2, and I'm looking forward to see them on the show. Show#2 is planned to record on April 20 and 22.

Just because of the Spring Break, I have time to watch some Youtube videos. I'm not really a Youtube fan, but since I joined the IDTV team last year, I have been using Youtube frequently, and many of you may know (or may not know) that I uploaded behind the scenes videos of IDTV productions. Why did I shoot those behind the scenes? The first reason is I want audience to see what we were doing in the studio and the control room, so we can get closer to the audience. The second reason is to show our real side, our real faces, and we're not acting at all. Those behind the scenes can also bring back some great memories, every time when I watch the IDTV 2010 behind the scenes, I'll remember my happiest days as an IDTV crew member. Let me tell you, I was also inspired by the IDTV 2008 crew to upload those behind the scenes videos. If you search something like "idtv ccsf" on Youtube, you'll find a few behind the scenes videos which were shot by someone of the IDTV 2008 crew, that's really fun. But the most wonderful thing is that I saw many familiar faces on those videos. How wonderful it is? Few weeks ago, we were auditioning the talents for our new season of IDTV show, at the time Steffanie Tjong (who is now the co-host of this season's IDTV) was standing at the stage, I kept on asking myself, "where did I see her before? She looks so familiar..." but I can't remember at that time. Recently I re-watched those behind the scenes videos of IDTV, my question got the answer - I saw her on Youtube, simple and clear.

Isn't it great to meet someone or even work with someone who was on those IDTV behind the scenes videos? However, what I feel sad is most people who were on last year's behind the scenes are not with us this year except for Fab and Jonathon.

Now let's take a look on all of those IDTV behind the scenes of the past, and see how many faces you recognize.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The First IDTV Show Production

After weeks of preparations and consistent efforts, we finished producing the very first show of IDTV 2011 season. It was such a challenging production that we have ever done, and I can say today's production made me feel tense, very tense... I believe everyone in the studio also felt like facing a formidable enemy today. Anyway, we have reached the milestone, and we should be proud of it.

I think it is the time to relax for at least a few days...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Production This Morning

It has been more than two weeks since PA Lil' V wrote on the IDTV blog! We missed you so much, but there was something that PA Lil' V can't control at some point. But anyway, we are back and to report what was going on during today's IDTV class...

Today most of (some were not here) the IDTV studio people arrived at the TV studio around 9:10 this morning, then we prepared to produce the "BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO" segment, with KayAnn as the host. We set everything up and getting ready for the production, then we started our first take at around 10:40. The first take was not that good because there were some miscommunications between the director and the TD, and there were still a few problems during the next couple takes. One of the issues was the timing, the script was too long, way longer than the expected run time 1 minute and 45 seconds, so we cut out some content from the script then tried to run it one more time. Although it was still longer than the run time, we finally made it during the last take... then we have done with today's production!

There were some issues during today's production, but PA Lil'V thinks everyone did a great job. Hopefully, we could do better with the timing during the next few productions, and we're sure that we'll have both better "BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO" segment as well as the IDTV shows.

We're now getting busier because we'll have our rehearsal for the IDTV first show on next Wednesday and actual production on next Friday, so keep up your great job folks!

By the way, there is something that PA Lil' V wanted to mention right here for a while. Is anyone interested in contributing the IDTV blog and help PA Lil' V to keep it up? If any of you is interested, you can contact PA Lil' V ( so he can add you to the contributor list. Together we should make our IDTV blog better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Behind The Scenes Photos - First Day Of Auditions

Take a look on these pictures. PA Lil' V really wanted to take more "behind the scenes" pictures for today's audition, but he was working busily in the control room. Sorry about that, we wanted to share more with you. On Friday, we are going to have 15 more people to come to the audition, we will post more pictures on Facebook as well as this blog. Don't miss it! PA Lil' V is going to ask Misha tomorrow to see if this is possible to post some clips of the auditions on Youtube this weekend or later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

TWO HOSTS Wanted For 30 min Local TV Show! (Originally posted on craigslist)

Greeting from Studio 1 at Ocean Campus at City College of SF,
We're looking for telegenic and charismatic people who are high-energy but relaxed in public speaking environments to be the face of our new, HD-based 30 minute Television program series called "IDTV".
If chosen, your work as the IDTV host will be to host IDTV as on-screen talent introducing the show itself, program segments and packages, interview guests and to work with producers and writers. IDTV shows are broadcast on local TV to 220,000 viewers in the Bay Area via Channel 27 & 75 (SF/Comcast cable) and also via a dedicated internet video channel. Next to working with upcoming video professionals from the show, you'll generate great materials for both a DVD and an online reel.

On-camera auditions will be held ONLY on Wed. 23 and Fri 25th of February (10AM-12:30PM). Please let me know when you plan on coming:
Day: Wed, the 23rd OR Fri, the 25th
Time: Early 10-11 OR Middle 11-12 OR Later 12-12:30
Where: AUDITIONS will be TV Studio at City College of San Francisco Ocean Campus (ARTX 164 - close to the student health center).
Map link 1:
Map link 2:

We hope to see you at the auditions!

All attendees will be able to audition from a teleprompter script and with improvisational material for at least 10 min (more if time allows). We'll have as much of the daily schedule set as possible but allow for additional time (≈ 1hour) when you arrive. We'll provide a short, simple introduction script to the show as well as a short intro script to a guest interview - that you can read from a camera teleprompter - and we'll ask you to improvise for a few minutes also to get to know your style.
No specific attire is expected, but we suggest wearing clothes that you're comfortable in but that are appropriate to a host of a college TV magazine show.

IDTV is 3x 30min magazine-style TV shows produced by advanced broadcasting students in the Broadcast Department at Ocean Campus CCSF from March to May 2011. The 30 min. shows are made up of roughly 50-50% field packages (stories shot on location outside the studio) and studio segments (produced with the hosts in the studio). The first two will be broadcast on Channel 27 as "IDTV" after taping and the last show (#3) hits the air live.

Rehearsal and show dates - it's important that you can are available at these times:
Show #1: Rehearsal: Wed, Mar 16, 10AM-12:30PM
Show Record: Fri, Mar 18. 9:30AM-1PM

Show #2: Rehearsal: Wed, Apr 20, 10AM-12:30PM
Show Record: Fri, Apr 22, 9:30AM-1PM

Show #3: Rehearsal: Fri, May 13, 10AM-12:30PM
Show Record: Fri, May 18, 9:30AM-1PM
MISSION STATEMENT: IDTV (Identity Television) is a series of 3 x 30min television episodes produced by advanced broadcast students at CCSF whose mission is to compellingly inform and entertain viewers on issues related to City College, San Francisco and its diverse students.

Host Auditions This Week!

Yes, we know. We have been talking about this for couple weeks, but we still want you to know that our auditions for hosts are scheduled on both this Wednesday the 23rd and Friday the 25th, from 10:00am - 12:30pm, you can come on either of these days, and we have divided into three time sections on each day. Early section: from 10-11, mid section: from 11-12, late section: from 12-12:30. You can choose one of the sections that is most convenient to you. We are expecting to audition one talent for about ten minutes, therefore, we could totally audition 30 people on both days. So far, we have 3 people confirmed to come on this Wednesday, 7 people confirmed to come this Friday, and 9 people have expressed their interests but haven't confirm their schedules yet. It looks like we are getting more great people to the auditions, and it's really exciting.

There are still a few spots (11 if we count those unconfirmed people) available for you to come, if you are interested to be our new IDTV host, please contact Misha, and ask him for more details. We also posted an updated craigslist ad, unfortunately the ad was removed by craigslist last night and we have some troubles to re-post it. We are going to re-post that craigslist ad on this blog later today, and if you still have any question or concern regarding our auditions, send an email to the address that I mentioned above.

Have a great Presidents' Day holiday everyone and we're looking forward to see you on the auditions!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready For The Auditions & The Debut Show

The date is getting closer and closer, we'll have the host auditions one week from today. PA Lil' V is very happy to hear that eight people have confirmed coming to the auditions, we certainly want to see more people to come. Again, if you or your friends are interested to be our IDTV hosts, please don't hesitate, send an email to or We still have spots for you to come, but time is going fast, so you should decide ASAP. Speaking of the first show, we will have our first show on air roughly one month from today, everything should get started, and that's why we are hitting the preproduction stage for show. Looking at the rough rundown for the show 1, we should have four to five studio segments, four to five field packages as well as a couple PSAs. PA Lil' V will be one of the producers for show 1, and it should be a good one! You're not going miss it! :D

Now take a look on what we were doing in the studio today. We won't have a class meeting on this Friday because of a holiday.