Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IDTV 2011 - My Reflection Part 2

Last night I received Misha's comment regarding this blog, and I'm really appreciate that he gave me such positive feedback. Here is something I want to say - it's not easy to create something that I have in my mind, it's even hard to keep something up and running. As the saying goes, it is difficult to start a business, it is even more difficult to keep business running. Another thing I want say is everything I did right here was voluntary, and this is really important - when you do something voluntarily, you have that passion, then you always want to work on it and keep on the good work. That's why I always say that you can't do something with good quality if you are forced to do it, and more than that,  you never have that satisfaction.

All right, let me continue with my thoughts on IDTV. As some of you know, this is my second year in a row taking this class, and I still remember just before the Winter break I told Misha I wanted to join IDTV again this year. The reason I take this class again is I want to work in the new HD studio, another reason is I want to gain more experience, especially my producing. However, when the semester began, there were so many things that I had never expected. On the first day of the class, I felt really strange even though I took classes there before; another thing is when I worked with the class first time, I felt that it was really hard for me to get along with them, they seem didn't like me and we really had difficulty to have understanding from each other. At that time, I didn't have any good feeling with the class, I really wanted to quit. Something happened just in time for the filming of Show#1 even made me felt down, let me tell you here tomorrow if you want to know it.

Tomorrow is the last IDTV class meeting and we're going to have a end of semester party. We should have fun and hope you guys can really enjoy the party tomorrow!

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