Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready For The Auditions & The Debut Show

The date is getting closer and closer, we'll have the host auditions one week from today. PA Lil' V is very happy to hear that eight people have confirmed coming to the auditions, we certainly want to see more people to come. Again, if you or your friends are interested to be our IDTV hosts, please don't hesitate, send an email to or We still have spots for you to come, but time is going fast, so you should decide ASAP. Speaking of the first show, we will have our first show on air roughly one month from today, everything should get started, and that's why we are hitting the preproduction stage for show. Looking at the rough rundown for the show 1, we should have four to five studio segments, four to five field packages as well as a couple PSAs. PA Lil' V will be one of the producers for show 1, and it should be a good one! You're not going miss it! :D

Now take a look on what we were doing in the studio today. We won't have a class meeting on this Friday because of a holiday.

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