Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IDTV 2011 - Time To Say Goodbye

I mentioned that I was not feeling good at the first few weeks of the class, that was true. I really had a difficult time to get along and work with the team. When I was assigned a first project for the show, (Best Of SF) I felt excited but I also think that was killing me. Why did I say that? First, it was a project involved with only two people - my co-producer and myself, we didn't have any field team, and we didn't even have a field video camera, (both my co-producer and I couldn't check out field video cameras since we were not in field video production class) all those issues had already caused me a headache. Misfortunes never come singly, on the day when my co-producer and I went out to shoot, maybe it was too windy that day, I caught a bad cold. From that time until the filming of Show#1, I was really sick, and I coughed in middle of the nights. Every time when I woke up because I was coughing at night, I asked myself why I had to do that. I really wanted to quit at that time, but something has pushed me not to give up, I just bit the bullet and continue my project.

The outcome of the first "Best Of SF" was pretty good, that was the thing I felt really pleased. Now I get out from the class with three individual projects that I involved with producing role, and as one of the producers for the season finale, this is way better than I first expected. Looking back, I think all my hard work really worth.

Today was the day that the whole IDTV team gathering together one last time before we broke up, we watched the whole Show#3 together while we also had our party. We ate, we drank, we really had a good time today. I mean this was my last time we saw each other, everything at the moment has become piece of memory.

Now, it is really the time to have my final thought right here. It's been my pleasure to write and keep you guys updated with the blog, but it is also my last blog post for the IDTV Show. I certainly learned a lot from each of you guys by working together in different ways, I really appreciate all your efforts. Thank you - Thank you very much.

One last thing, I really want to see someone in the future IDTV classes would also write and keep up a show blog, and I hope my efforts could also be continued.

I wish you guys will remember me because I will never forget you guys, before I leave, may I present one of my favorite songs to you... Click on the link please, it is a great song!

Good luck and wish you all the best.

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