Saturday, March 26, 2011

Some Thoughts About IDTV

We have worked hard for the past few weeks in order to have our first IDTV show this season produced, thank god we did it and the show was on SF cable channel 75 this Thursday. Now the whole IDTV team is taking a precious Spring Break and the show#2 preproductions will be kicked-off right after the break. I believe some producers have already had some good ideas to pitch for show#2, and I'm looking forward to see them on the show. Show#2 is planned to record on April 20 and 22.

Just because of the Spring Break, I have time to watch some Youtube videos. I'm not really a Youtube fan, but since I joined the IDTV team last year, I have been using Youtube frequently, and many of you may know (or may not know) that I uploaded behind the scenes videos of IDTV productions. Why did I shoot those behind the scenes? The first reason is I want audience to see what we were doing in the studio and the control room, so we can get closer to the audience. The second reason is to show our real side, our real faces, and we're not acting at all. Those behind the scenes can also bring back some great memories, every time when I watch the IDTV 2010 behind the scenes, I'll remember my happiest days as an IDTV crew member. Let me tell you, I was also inspired by the IDTV 2008 crew to upload those behind the scenes videos. If you search something like "idtv ccsf" on Youtube, you'll find a few behind the scenes videos which were shot by someone of the IDTV 2008 crew, that's really fun. But the most wonderful thing is that I saw many familiar faces on those videos. How wonderful it is? Few weeks ago, we were auditioning the talents for our new season of IDTV show, at the time Steffanie Tjong (who is now the co-host of this season's IDTV) was standing at the stage, I kept on asking myself, "where did I see her before? She looks so familiar..." but I can't remember at that time. Recently I re-watched those behind the scenes videos of IDTV, my question got the answer - I saw her on Youtube, simple and clear.

Isn't it great to meet someone or even work with someone who was on those IDTV behind the scenes videos? However, what I feel sad is most people who were on last year's behind the scenes are not with us this year except for Fab and Jonathon.

Now let's take a look on all of those IDTV behind the scenes of the past, and see how many faces you recognize.

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