Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ready For The Auditions & The Debut Show

The date is getting closer and closer, we'll have the host auditions one week from today. PA Lil' V is very happy to hear that eight people have confirmed coming to the auditions, we certainly want to see more people to come. Again, if you or your friends are interested to be our IDTV hosts, please don't hesitate, send an email to or We still have spots for you to come, but time is going fast, so you should decide ASAP. Speaking of the first show, we will have our first show on air roughly one month from today, everything should get started, and that's why we are hitting the preproduction stage for show. Looking at the rough rundown for the show 1, we should have four to five studio segments, four to five field packages as well as a couple PSAs. PA Lil' V will be one of the producers for show 1, and it should be a good one! You're not going miss it! :D

Now take a look on what we were doing in the studio today. We won't have a class meeting on this Friday because of a holiday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update On The Upcoming Auditions

Hi, folks, hope you all had a great weekend.

As you have probably known, our IDTV show's audition for hosts is only about one week from today. PA Lil' V has posted a craigslist ad over the weekend, he received a number of responses since then. PA Lil' V also asked Misha this morning about the update of the searching for hosts, and it seems we should have a number of potential people coming to the auditions on either next Wednesday or Friday. We have also sent an email to those who expressed their interest in the host positions, telling them some basic info of the IDTV show, asking them what time / date they would come to the auditions, etc. And more importantly, we're warmly welcome them to the auditions as well.

Way to go! PA Lil' V is confident that we should have two awesome and talented hosts for the show! We are still looking forward to have more people coming to the auditions. Our team will meet in class tomorrow morning and we will post any update right here tomorrow night. :-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

UPDATED LISTING - Two Talents Wanted For IDTV Show!!!

 This posting and / or the flyers will be distributed in various departments across CCSF, as well as here at "PA Notebook" and our own FB page.

Greeting from Studio 1 at Ocean Campus,

IDTV, the CCSF 30-min TV show produced by advanced broadcasting students, is looking for 2 for awesome show personalities for our TV shows going into production this semester, SP 2011.
AUDITIONS will be held on Feb. 23th & 25th from 10AM-12:30PM in the TV Studio at Ocean Campus (ARTX 164).

Help us out by letting your classmates, friends, family, enemies (talented ones) and EVERYBODY know that we are looking for talented individuals to act as TV Hosts. This means they'll be introducing topics and presenting stories as well as interviewing guests.
PLEASE HELP US BY DISTRIBUTING & POSTING THE ATTACHED FLYER!! The selected SHOW HOSTS' presentations will be cable-cast - as part of the 30 min. IDTV magazine-style TV show - to 220,000 potential viewers via Channel 27 (SF/Comcast cable) and via a dedicated internet video channel so they should really be loving the opportunity if showbiz is their interest.

3x 30min magazine-style TV shows produced by advanced broadcasting students in the Broadcast Department at Ocean Campus CCSF from March to May 2011. All shows and stories are created, produced and shots by advanced video production students at City College. The final 30 min. shows are made up of roughly 50-50% field packages (stories shot on location outside the studio) and studio segments (produced with the hosts in the studio). The first two will be broadcast on Channel 27 as "IDTV" after taping and the last show (#3) hits the air live.

We're looking for telegenic people who are high-energy but relaxed in public speaking environments and we're hosting on-camera auditions on Feb. 24th & 26th from 10AM-12:30PM.

Don't hesitate to shoot back any other questions.

Here are the record dates for the shows so you can check if this is an option for you (show record dates are fixed and mandatory for hosts, rehearsals possibly negotiable):

Show #1: Rehearsal:       Wed, Mar 9, 10AM-12:30PM
          Show Record:   Fri,   Mar 11. 9:30AM-1PM

Show #2: Rehearsal:       Wed, Apr 20, 10AM-12:30PM
          Show Record:   Fri,   Apr 22, 9:30AM-1PM

Show #3: Rehearsal:       Fri, May 13, 10AM-12:30PM
          Show Record:   Fri, May 18, 9:30AM-1PM

IDTV SYNOPSIS: IDTV is a series of 3 x 30-min magazine-style TV programs produced by advanced video production students at CCSF in the spring of 2011 to be cablecast on Comcast cable services on Channel 27 (EATV) as well as on various outlets on the Internet (YT, FB, etc.)
MISSION STATEMENT: IDTV (Identity Television) is a series of 3 x 30min television episodes produced by advanced broadcast students at CCSF whose mission is to compellingly inform and entertain viewers on issues related to City College of San Francisco and its diverse students thereby reflecting their unique perspectives.

IDTV Behind The Scenes - February 11 - Working On The First Interview As...

All right, PA Lil' V just wants to share a short "behind the scenes" video of our first interview last Friday. We promise we will post more great "behind the scenes" videos as the show progresses. Another thing is PA Lil' V has talked to Misha - the teacher and exec prod of IDTV show - regarding the searching of new hosts, so far PA Lil' V has posted a craigslist ad last night and Misha has created a listing / poster that have been sent out to various departments of CCSF, Cinema Department, Graphic Communications Department, Theatre Department, just to name a few. We also have the NEW flyer with updated design, (don't worry, PA Lil' V will post it right here shortly) and PA Lil' V will make another posting on the BAVC website... Yeah, we just want to make sure everyone will know about our upcoming auditions, and encourage them and their friends to come. Of course, PA Lil' V will work closely with Misha as the craigslist ad replies come in.

Wish you have a great weekend, folks!