Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Production This Morning

It has been more than two weeks since PA Lil' V wrote on the IDTV blog! We missed you so much, but there was something that PA Lil' V can't control at some point. But anyway, we are back and to report what was going on during today's IDTV class...

Today most of (some were not here) the IDTV studio people arrived at the TV studio around 9:10 this morning, then we prepared to produce the "BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO" segment, with KayAnn as the host. We set everything up and getting ready for the production, then we started our first take at around 10:40. The first take was not that good because there were some miscommunications between the director and the TD, and there were still a few problems during the next couple takes. One of the issues was the timing, the script was too long, way longer than the expected run time 1 minute and 45 seconds, so we cut out some content from the script then tried to run it one more time. Although it was still longer than the run time, we finally made it during the last take... then we have done with today's production!

There were some issues during today's production, but PA Lil'V thinks everyone did a great job. Hopefully, we could do better with the timing during the next few productions, and we're sure that we'll have both better "BEST OF SAN FRANCISCO" segment as well as the IDTV shows.

We're now getting busier because we'll have our rehearsal for the IDTV first show on next Wednesday and actual production on next Friday, so keep up your great job folks!

By the way, there is something that PA Lil' V wanted to mention right here for a while. Is anyone interested in contributing the IDTV blog and help PA Lil' V to keep it up? If any of you is interested, you can contact PA Lil' V ( so he can add you to the contributor list. Together we should make our IDTV blog better.