Monday, May 23, 2011

IDTV 2011 - My Reflections Part 1

It is pretty ironic... This has been named as an "official blog" for the show, and when you scroll down to the CCSF BEMA's official homepage, this blog is described as "written by BEMA advanced TV students". The "student" is me, and I wrote everything from day one... I think I should say it proudly that I created the blog, I developed it, and I keep people engaged! 

Speaking of the creation of this blog, my original idea was to try some new approaches promoting IDTV, one of the best way I thought was to open a blog, (most of the hit TV shows nowadays also have blogs) telling you guys what was going on with the crew, where were we up to, and of course, sharing something that you can never see on the show itself - I'm talking about those behind the scenes. I still remember on the first few posts of the blog I said every student in the IDTV class are welcome to post something, this is not my personal blog, this is a blog for all of us. However, maybe I'm the one who has nothing to do, no one has posted anything. It was disappointing for sure, but I can't force anyone to do this because everything is voluntary.

Even though there is no other students write on this blog, I'm still glad to see that there is a number of people who often check this blog, many of them have given me quite positive feedback. No doubt about it, that is my greatest motivation to continue writing this blog. Another thing that I feel really excited is the total viewers of this blog has reached over 500 as of yesterday, I created this blog in early February, and we have got more than 500 viewers in just three months, this is a big accomplishment!

Sometimes I really can't distinguish if this is my personal blog or this is my professional blog. I have stopped writing on my personal blog since I created and worked on this blog. Maybe I always like to reflect some of my personal feelings and emotions right here, sometimes it becomes my personal blog.

I think this might be too long for you guys to read, so I have to stop here for today, let's continue tomorrow...


  1. Hey Victor,
    I know I've been very grateful every time I came across the blog. So much so, that I think I really will make it a required part of the course (unless you want to TA and then you could still write this one).
    It's unimaginable at the moment that a TV show, or any other evolving media event, wouldn't host a blog - so again, much thanks goes to you for your passion, time and interest.
    Now, if it could just be easier to post to it - without logins, etc.and without inviting NSFW spam....- that'd be blog heaven.

  2. Hey Victor,
    Thanks again for the awesome blog coverage over the semester. You know, this really is a great platform and a great approach that you have developed. I think this will help in the professional realm.

    It's my intention to require such a blog in the future for IDTV and you are leading the way.

    Thanks again for your passion, wit and time.

  3. Honestly when I decided to write this blog, I was really worry if this is a good approach. Would any people mention this blog? How can I keep people engaged? And lots of similar questions in my mind... I'm glad to have so many people supporting this blog. Now I feel really proud that I have accomplished something for the show that no one did before.

    Although I may not be able to write this blog anymore, I still wish this blog can continue in the future and being strong. This is the outcome I want to see.