Monday, February 21, 2011

Host Auditions This Week!

Yes, we know. We have been talking about this for couple weeks, but we still want you to know that our auditions for hosts are scheduled on both this Wednesday the 23rd and Friday the 25th, from 10:00am - 12:30pm, you can come on either of these days, and we have divided into three time sections on each day. Early section: from 10-11, mid section: from 11-12, late section: from 12-12:30. You can choose one of the sections that is most convenient to you. We are expecting to audition one talent for about ten minutes, therefore, we could totally audition 30 people on both days. So far, we have 3 people confirmed to come on this Wednesday, 7 people confirmed to come this Friday, and 9 people have expressed their interests but haven't confirm their schedules yet. It looks like we are getting more great people to the auditions, and it's really exciting.

There are still a few spots (11 if we count those unconfirmed people) available for you to come, if you are interested to be our new IDTV host, please contact Misha, and ask him for more details. We also posted an updated craigslist ad, unfortunately the ad was removed by craigslist last night and we have some troubles to re-post it. We are going to re-post that craigslist ad on this blog later today, and if you still have any question or concern regarding our auditions, send an email to the address that I mentioned above.

Have a great Presidents' Day holiday everyone and we're looking forward to see you on the auditions!

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