Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our New HD Studio at Ocean Campus

PA Lil' V knows many of you are interested about our new HD video production studio at the CCSF Ocean Campus, so here is a little info about our new studio. The production studio is located inside the Art Extension Building of the CCSF Ocean Campus, and it has become the home of IDTV since January of this year. Our new studio is equipped with all new technologies, including three new HD studio cameras, three new and powerful computers for HD video editing and effects, new Chyron Character Generator, new server as well as new "Ross" HD switcher.

Now take another look on our beautiful HD studio, the pictures in the left are the same studio right before the remodeling, taken in December 2009. (Photo courtesy of Stephen Reeves)

Remember, the auditions for new hosts will be on February 23 & 25!

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