Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Ready For Our First Interview Assignment

Everything is getting closer and closer, this Friday will be our production date of our first interview assignment. PA Lil' V and everyone in the IDTV team were working hard to get ready, setting up the cameras, and more importantly, figuring out how to use the switcher and how to export video to the server. This will be our first working project since we moved into the new HD studio, and it should be our good opportunity to practice before the auditions. It's now only two weeks until auditions, we have to get the overall ideas on those new equipment, and working together with better understanding. Lots of things working on, but PA Lil'V believe that we could have the best IDTV show this year! PA Lil' V and the entire IDTV team did it last year, so will be this year! Come on!

All right, PA Lil' V will have some behind the scenes videos for the interview assignment this Friday. Meanwhile, we give you a few nice pictures and videos of our preparation today. If you or your friends are interested to be on camera, be sure to come to our auditions for host on February 23 and 25, the poster / flyer has been posted on this blog and available around the campus, you can grab one for more details. You can always send an email to for any question you may have.

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