Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Interview Assignment Today

Today our IDTV team had the first production since we moved into the new HD studio, this production was a brief interview about the operation of the jib. So we have our IDTV team member Peter Carmada as the host / interviewer, and John Jordan (J.J.) as the interviewee. We supposed to have the production "live to tape" at 11:30 this morning, however, many foreseen and unforeseen issues were popping up before and during the production. For example, some of the roles were not designated properly, some people were still unsure on what they will be doing, and we were not quite comfortable with the new equipment, and so on... So many "hiccups" today... Anyway, this was our first time, our first production of this season, PA Lil' V believes that we could do much better next time! He is still keeping his optimism about this year's IDTV show, and yes, we can do it!

There are some "behind the scenes" pictures of the production that PA Lil' V wants to share with you today, take a look. PA Lil' V will have a lot of work to do over this weekend - post craigslist ad for the auditions, search more potential talents from different websites. Okay, see you next week!

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