Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hi! My name is PA Lil' V, and welcome all of you to visit our new blog - IDTV Show PA Notebook!

For those of you don't know what is IDTV, let me explain here. So IDTV is a series of 30 minutes with 3 television episodes produced by the advanced broadcast students at City College Of San Francisco. Our mission is to compellingly inform and entertain viewers on issues related to City College Of San Francisco from the unique perspectives of its diverse students. Our IDTV show will also be aired on Comcast Cable Channel 27 & 75 in San Francisco, (Show date and time TBD) and you can also watch our show online via our Youtube channel:

All right, let me talk a little bit how this blog works. As the name suggests, this is a blog for me to share the news regarding our production progress of the IDTV show, as well as my insight. From time to time, I'll post updates on this blog, upload photos and / or videos of our progress, so you can always get the latest from me. Not just our show updates, but I'll also post something funny of our production team. :D You are also welcome to post your comments and / or questions to my blog, but only one simply rule: Do not use any lewd language, be respectful.

That's the short introduction of our blog... Wait, I forgot to introduce myself here. I'm PA Lil' V, I'm not a real PA, but I love to be named that way. I'm one of the IDTV show production team members as of this year, and I have been hanging out in the CCSF Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Department for years. I almost took all the courses in their department but I still want to be there. Do you think I'm loyal?

All right, that's what I have for today. Our production team will meet again on this Wednesday, and I'll post any update then.


  1. Wow. Victor, I admire your work man.. Extremely nice... Great Job PA Lil'V!!


  2. Thanks Jonathon! It's PA Lil' V's pleasure to work with you for two consecutive years! You're always the best colleague! :-)