Sunday, February 13, 2011

IDTV Behind The Scenes - February 11 - Working On The First Interview As...

All right, PA Lil' V just wants to share a short "behind the scenes" video of our first interview last Friday. We promise we will post more great "behind the scenes" videos as the show progresses. Another thing is PA Lil' V has talked to Misha - the teacher and exec prod of IDTV show - regarding the searching of new hosts, so far PA Lil' V has posted a craigslist ad last night and Misha has created a listing / poster that have been sent out to various departments of CCSF, Cinema Department, Graphic Communications Department, Theatre Department, just to name a few. We also have the NEW flyer with updated design, (don't worry, PA Lil' V will post it right here shortly) and PA Lil' V will make another posting on the BAVC website... Yeah, we just want to make sure everyone will know about our upcoming auditions, and encourage them and their friends to come. Of course, PA Lil' V will work closely with Misha as the craigslist ad replies come in.

Wish you have a great weekend, folks!

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