Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update On The Upcoming Auditions

Hi, folks, hope you all had a great weekend.

As you have probably known, our IDTV show's audition for hosts is only about one week from today. PA Lil' V has posted a craigslist ad over the weekend, he received a number of responses since then. PA Lil' V also asked Misha this morning about the update of the searching for hosts, and it seems we should have a number of potential people coming to the auditions on either next Wednesday or Friday. We have also sent an email to those who expressed their interest in the host positions, telling them some basic info of the IDTV show, asking them what time / date they would come to the auditions, etc. And more importantly, we're warmly welcome them to the auditions as well.

Way to go! PA Lil' V is confident that we should have two awesome and talented hosts for the show! We are still looking forward to have more people coming to the auditions. Our team will meet in class tomorrow morning and we will post any update right here tomorrow night. :-)

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